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Services, Kildare

Business Advisory

We offer all forms of advice to businesses, whether if your starting out or if your business is well established, we offer support and advice in areas which include:

  • Financing & Re-Financing
  • Projections & Budgets
  • Management accounting

At S C Dunne & Co we see accountancy as only part of what we can offer you. We look to add value and resilience to your business and yourself personally through technically sound but more importantly practical and innovative advice. You will have access to all our professionals and their individual areas of expertise which we are continually updating. Through this process we will cover all relevant facets of your business and personal wealth.

This will enable us to work in unison to keep your business ahead of market trends and your competitors.

Business Advisory Services Provided Include:

Asset Protection

We can develop with you a strategy that will protect all your assets, whether it be property, a company or even plant & machinery. We will advise on current market trends, areas of good return, predicted good times to purchase and to sell assets, and whether to hold personally or in company. Our tax experts will help to ensure your tax liability on assets is minimised.

Regular Personalised Business Review

Our people will be available at any time to arrange meetings to go through any concerns you may have. We will advise you re upcoming legislation changes and business trends which will affect your business and will tackle projected upcoming challenges together before they happen.

Retirement/ Business succession Planning

We will help you to either sell on or pass on your business to the next generation in the most tax efficient, fair & equitable way.

Personal Wealth Protection Advice

We will advise on all aspects of personalise wealth in all eventualities including separation and divorce, death etc. We believe good planning will help you to keep the wealth you have worked so hard to earn.

Customised Advice

If you have any problem or area of concern we will listen to your problem. If we cannot assist you we will use our huge network of contacts to find the most appropriate course of action and solution to your problems.

Services we offer

  • Asset Protection
  • Regular Personalised Business Review
  • Retirement/ Business succession Planning
  • Personal Wealth Protection Advice
  • Customised Advice